Clearinghouse User Guide

Listing Details: Submitting an Offer

When your Buyer Account Application is approved, you are automatically enrolled into Negotiated Transactions and Private Sales sales categories. You are permitted to submit a private offer on assets within these categories. If you intend to place a bid on a Live Auction or Online Only Auction lot you will need to Register to Bid.

Unlike placing a public bid on an auction lot, offers are completely confidential and cannot be seen by other buyers OR the seller of the asset.

To submit an offer on an asset you simply need to complete the Confidential Offer Form located on the Asset Details page of each listing. If you represent multiple buying entities, select the Company Profile on behalf the offer is being submitted. Then enter your offer price as well as any comments and/or any other specific conditions on which this offer is submitted.

Submit Offer Form

You will be presented with the offer confirmation window after clicking the Submit Offer button. Review your offer, electronically sign by typing your full name and click the Confirm button to formally submit your offer.

The acceptance of the offer is subject to approval by Seller and the terms of the conveyancing documents as provided by the Seller.
Offer Confirmation Window

Following your offer confirmation you will receive an email containing your signed private offer. Additionally you can Download Offer from the updated Confidential Offer Form.

Offer Confirmation
Seller and its affiliated entities and Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse make no warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or materiality of the information, records, and data now, heretofore, or hereafter made available to buyer in connection with the assets including, without limitation, any description of the assets, quality or quantity of hydrocarbon reserves, if any, production rates, recompletion opportunities, decline rates, gas balancing information, allowables or other regulatory matters, potential for production of hydrocarbons from the assets, or any other matters contained in or omitted from any other material furnished to buyer. Any and all such data, information and material is provided as a convenience only and any reliance on or use of same is at buyer’s sole risk.