Clearinghouse User Guide

Getting Started: Reviewing Listings

Listing Explorer

To access the Listing Explorer, select the service offering of interest from the Current Listings dropdown in the header navigation.

Current Listings

Clearinghouse provides multiple mechanisms to research and identify assets that may be of interest to you. The primary method to isolate listings of interest is the Listing Explorer.

Listing Explorers

Views, Filters and Sorting


Based on your preference, Clearinghouse offers two viewing options within the Listing Explorer. List View displays a granular look into the details of a listing. The Gallery View is a collection of listing flyers in a tiled format. You can toggle between the two views to meet your research needs.

Listing Explorer: Views


The Listing Explorer contains a filter feature that allows you to isolate listings that meet your specific criteria. Below are the categories available:

Filter Categories

  • Lot Type
  • Interest Type
  • Property Type
  • Reserve
  • Seller
  • State
  • Field
  • Operator
Listing Explorer: Filters


Similar to online shopping sites you are familiar with, Clearinghouse provides a sorting mechanism that allows you to organize and prioritize available listing based on the criteria that is most relevant to your needs.

Listing Explorer: Sorting