Clearinghouse User Guide

Listing Details: Property Data Sheets

Clearinghouse provides buyers a resource to review individual properties in a consistent format across all available listings. Property Data Sheets (PDS) are effectively a collection of individual marketing flyers for each property within a listing. Each PDS contains the relevant information for buyers to perform their due diligence at a granular level.

There are three different ways to analyze Property Data Sheets:

  • PDS Viewer - online format
  • Microsoft Excel (CSV) - offline spreadsheet format
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) - printable documents

You can access the PDS Viewer or Download Properties from their respective buttons in the Lot Properties section of most listings. The printable PDF files can be found in the Data Room Explorer

Property Data Sheets

PDS Viewer

The PDS Viewer is a utility that allows users to review individual properties online. You can choose to navigate through the properties using the arrow navigation or select a specific property from the panel on the left.

Property Data Sheet Viewer

Data Room Explorer

Printable PDF versions of each property data sheet is also available in the listings Data Room Explorer. In addition, a compressed ZIP file is also provided containing all PDF files in a single downloadable file.

TIP: To print all PDF files at once, download and extract the ZIP file, select all the files, right-click and select Print.
Property Data Sheets - DRE