Clearinghouse User Guide

Getting Started: The Basics

Apply for a Buyer Account

Buyer Account Application

With an approved account application Buyers:
  • Have full access to the listing details, including Property Data Sheets and the Data Room Explorer.
  • Place bids on live and online auction listings. To place bids on a live or online auction an additional auction registration is required. No bank information is required!
  • Submit offers on Negotiated Transactions and Private Sale assets.
Note: Some listings may require you to digitally sign a confidentiality agreement prior to gaining full access to the Data Room Explorer.

Register as a Seller

Seller Account Registration

Following completion of registration Sellers:
  • Will be assigned a dedicated Business Development Manager to asses your oil & gas asset divestiture needs.
  • Our dedicated team will assist you in curating the necessary materials to most effectively market and sell your listing to our qualified list of oil & gas investors.
  • Will have access to the Clearinghouse Asset Marketing Platform (a.m.p.) to review and track your listing throughout the sales process.