Clearinghouse User Guide

Listing Details: Data Room Explorer

Clearinghouse provides multiple resources to review property information and conduct due diligence prior to the close date of a listing. In addition to Property Data Sheets, Clearinghouse technicians curate all provided information into the listing's online Data Room Explorer (DRE). This virtual document repository can be accessed within the Listing Details of each asset. Relevant digital files can be downloaded from categorized directories or the entire DRE can be downloaded in a single compressed .ZIP file.

Any file additions or amendments to the DRE following publication of the listing will be conveniently located in dated UPDATES folders at the root of the DRE.

An approved Clearinghouse buyer account application must be completed before access to the Data Room Explorer (DRE) is granted. In some cases, a seller may require the buyer to electronically sign an additional confidentially agreement prior to permitting access to the DRE.
Data Room Explorer

Depending on the size and scope of a particular asset, a Phycial Data Room can be established in Clearinghouse's Houston, TX office. If a Physical Data Room of an asset is available, the following denotation will be visible in the DRE section.

Physical Data Room

For Live Auctions Only, you may attend our Pre-Sale Conference at the site of the auction. Seller representatives are available for questions and all seller files are available for review.