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Marketplace for Oil & Gas Assets.

Founded in 1992, Clearinghouse has brokered more than 32,000 transactions, including

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An asset-driven process leading to success.

Clearinghouse will help you choose the marketing platform that best fits the assets you are selling. The correct marketing venue will assure the highest returns.

Negotiated Transaction

Value is greater than $10MM with substantial reserves

Higher upside/higher PDP ratio

Operated/Non-operated working interest

Geographically concentrated portfolio

Recommended for assets that are technically complex

A negotiated transaction typically has a three- to six-month sales cycle

Live Auction

Logical groupings typically have a value range of $10K to $20MM

Primarily PDP reserves

Operated/Non-operated working interest, leasehold, ORRI, royalties, minerals

Usually geographically diverse

30- to 60-day sales cycle


Years since our founding speaks to our industry credibility.


Transactions brokered. Sellers love Clearinghouse and come back.


Billions in sales with over 500k properties sold.

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"The team at Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse has earned my kudos. Both my staff and I have had the pleasure of working with them and have found them to be professional, attentive, and highly knowledgeable. It's a breath of fresh air to interact with people who excel at what they do."

Terry Gant
Land Manager, EOG Resources, Inc.

"OG Clearinghouse has provided a seamless process for divesting our oIl & gas assets. Every member of their team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any questions that arise. They were timely with their responses and are a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell!"

Dakota Postal
President, Tomahawk Energy Management, LLC

"In early 2021 we made the decision to liquidate by year-end several of our mature producing oil/gas properties that did not offer near term drilling opportunities. We evaluated multiple auction/sales services we had previously worked with on the buy-side and selected Oil & Gas Clearinghouse to handle our sales. We could not have been more pleased with the pre-sale marketing guidance, key data development and support they provided, and the post-auction negotiations they managed for the properties that did not reach our reserve price in the auction. The entire Oil & Gas Clearinghouse team provided superb service throughout the process and we certainly plan to work with them again on our future sales transactions."

GVH Capital LLC, Wilson, WY

"I would like to tell you how happy I am with the results of the Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse handling the sale of mineral rights for Noonday. Your staff was fantastic. They handled all of the logistics of identifying the properties and preparing them for the auction. Your legal team was great and communication was quick and friendly. I was also pleasantly surprised with the final results. The return was higher than I expected and the bonus was working with such a competent and friendly team."

William Saxon
Noonday Royalty

"I was very pleased with the overall performance from The Clearinghouse. I was pleasantly surprised at the values we received for our assets in their Live Auction setting. The overall process was seamless and even though we had to complete the conveyance documents, I appreciated that the proper conveyance forms were provided to us. The detail in the Data package that was presented on-line was well structured and easily accessible. I would utilize the services of The Clearinghouse again."

Robert B
Kearney County Bank

"We recently used the Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse for the marketing and selling of an Operated Working Interest in Kansas. Our experience was great. Both the account rep and The transaction staff were very attentive and quick with responses and answered all questions with transparency in regards to expectations and market status. The process was as seamless as they advertise, and final presentation was laid out professionally with data readily at your fingertips. The best result was that they sold and closed on my deal as expected. I would use The Clearinghouse for any future purchases or asset sales."

James Haver
Cyclone Petroleum, INC.

"From building the virtual data room to final negotiations in a sealed bid process, The Clearinghouse is a top-notch sales shop. The Clearinghouse team’s intimate knowledge of the market was instrumental in getting the best possible value for our assets in a volatile market. I look forward to working with The Clearinghouse on future projects and I have recommended their team to our industry partners and colleagues."

Will Rutherford
Oxbow Petroleum, LLC
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